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Notes: For technical reasons, the Softonic Free Download links to the developer's download page. You must create a free Adobe account there in order to download the file.

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Adobe After Effectshelp and info

  • Is Adobe After Effects free?

    No, the program is paid software available as part of a Creative Cloud membership, which requires a monthly fee. Adobe does offer a free trial version so users can evaluate the program before making a purchasing decision.

  • Is Adobe After Effects part of Creative Cloud?

    Yes, the program is part of Creative Cloud, meaning it can only be used with the purchase of a monthly subscription. As with all Adobe Creative Cloud tools, the software can no longer be purchased outright as a standalone product.

  • Is Adobe After effects for Mac?

    Yes, the program is available for computers operating on the macOS operating system. Minimum operating system requirements for both the Mac and Windows versions of the program continue to change with successive versions; check the Adobe website to ensure your operating system is compatible with the current version of the program.

  • Is Adobe After Effects used professionally?

    The program is aimed at both consumer and professional-level users. Depending on the task and size of the project, it maybe used in both personal and commercial projects.

  • Is Adobe After Effects vector based?

    Although it is not completely vector based, the program supports both raster and vector files. You can import EPS, PDF or Adobe Illustrator files into your After Effects projects in order to take advantage of the scalability and accuracy of vectors. Keep in mind that the software will rasterize all vector elements when you render your project, however.

  • Can Adobe After Effects export GIF?

    The program no longer supports exporting GIF files. To produce an animated GIF based on your project, you will first have to export images or a movie file. You can then use these files to create a GIF in Adobe Photoshop or a standalone GIF creator.

  • What are expressions in Adobe After Effects?

    Expressions are small pieces of code users can write to define a property of a layer at a specific point in time. Using expressions can save time and reduce complexity by eliminating the need to define individual values for each keyframe in a project.

  • What are Adobe After Effects templates?

    Templates, files that have an .aet extension, are projects that users can import and customize. Certain elements of a template can be modified to adapt the project to a user’s own needs. Well made templates allow users to save time and achieve professional results.

  • Can Adobe After Effects be used for video editing?

    As a compositing and effects tool, the program only has basic editing capabilities suitable for creating short clips. For a larger task – like editing a short film – consider using a dedicated video-editing program such as Adobe Premiere.

  • Can Adobe After Effects run on 32 bit systems?

    No, the program cannot be installed on 32-bit operating systems. Although some Adobe Creative Cloud programs still run on this older system, the current version of After Effects requires 64-bit architecture. When installing your operating system, always choose the 64-bit version to ensure compatibility with all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud programs.