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  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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    Real-time editing for professional video production

  2. Adobe After Effects CC

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    Powerful Creative Tool

  3. CINEMA 4D

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    A Professional Video Editing Tool That Means Business

Help & Info about Adobe After Effects CC for mac

  • What is Adobe After Effects for Mac?

    Adobe After Effects for Mac is the Mac release of one of the most powerful media tools on the market: Adobe After Effects. Using this tool, it is possible to apply a range of post-production processes to a video file. These range from simple filters and effects to more in-depth alterations which can drastically alter the shape and form of a media file.
  • What file formats is Adobe After Effects for Mac compatible with?

    After Effects for Mac is compatible with most widely-used video, image and audio filetypes, the exceptions being Windows-oriented formats WMV, WMA, OMF and AVI (the application can import AVI files, but not export them).
  • Is Adobe After Effects used in the entertainment industry?

    Yes, Adobe After Effects is an industry standard piece of post-production software and is widely used by professionals on film and television productions.
  • What are After Effects templates?

    An After Effects template us a customisable project file designed to keep all of the included elements neatly organised and labelled. These are particularly useful when multiple users are working with the same file, as it means that all relevant elements will be viewable and accessible without confusion.
  • What are After Effects expressions?

    In After Effects, expressions are scripts similar to many other forms of coding, particularly JavaScript. They are an optional tool which can be used to program effects as an alternative to keyframes. They are useful if you wish to apply the same movement to multiple different elements, for example.
  • What is the difference between rendering and exporting in After Effects?

    Once you have finished with your project in After Effects and would like to convert it into pa viewable file, you will be given two options: exporting, or rendering. Rendering offers a far wider range of customisation options, and is almost always the best choice. Exporting results in a rougher file, and is generally used only when a quick, unfinished video is required for test purposes.
  • Can After Effects handle 3D imagery?

    Yes. While After Effects is not a specialised piece of 3D software, it is capable of handling 3D elements. A typical example would be adding 3D text on top of a video background to create an opening credit sequence.
  • What is the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects?

    Adobe Premiere Pro is designed primarily for editing video files in terms of cutting, splicing, altering speed and so forth. It can be used to add effects and transitions, but is less sophisticated in that area than After Effects. Conversely, while After Effects can be used for video editing, this is not its strongest point. A typical video editing suite will include both applications.
  • Can Adobe After Effects be used to create animation?

    Yes. In addition to altering live-action video, After Effects can be used to create animated videos from the ground up. However, some users may prefer specialised animation software such as Adobe Animate.
  • What's new with the latest version of Adobe After Effects for Mac?

    The latest version of After Effects has a range of tweaks and additions. Most notably, it has a raft of extra features designed for the production of virtual reality content.


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